Virtual Support

If you do not require an actual office ‘pod’ but feel your business could benefit from the first-rate support at The Unit, then why not apply for our virtual offering? The investment of becoming a virtual client is £60 per month including VAT and includes the following: Use of the “Hot Pod” ,one of our offices […]


Abigail Udenze, 1st Resource My stay at the Unit cannot be summarised in a few words but I will mention the highlights of my stay. The immense support from the business team has been fantastic. They have worked so hard from organising to reminders, one to ones, as well as telling offs. I have been […]

How To Apply

Places are limited in the Unit and there can be quite a lot of competition for both offices and virtual places. Please contact us to check availability and to look around. The Unit  accepts new applications throughout the year and can place you on a waiting list if we are full.If our businesses are successful they […]

History of the Unit

Park Lane College’s Director of Increasing Participation and Engagement established a successful business incubator at the OldhamCollege and when he moved to Park Lane he saw the potential to develop a similar unit at the main site in Leeds. The concept for the Unit was first developed in early 2005. The College identified a shortage of affordable incubator space in […]