Empowering your People to increase Profits and care for our Planet

PeopleProfitPlanet is an innovative organisation that works to generate environmental behaviour change by empowering your staff and management to take green actions which make a positive impact on your bottom line.

This leads to a Win-Win-Win outcome of:

> Increased Profits
> Increased engagement of your People
> Increased environmental sustainability for our Planet

This is achieved through the training and development of your people so they identify with their green values and take environmental action.  We create an environment where your staff can give their best to the business, each other and the planet.  Our programme also gives the opportunity to use your employees ideas for the development of environmental policies, so creating a bottom-up process.

PeopleProfitPlanet works with large corporates, public bodies, small businesses and any organisations that has a desire to help conserve our planet and make more money.

We passionately believe that green business is good business.  Once you have worked with PeopleProfitPlanet we believe you will agree with us.  Working with us enables your organisation to be more responsible with your bottom line, your people and our environment.


Contact: 0845 279 9837