Abigail Udenze, 1st Resource

My stay at the Unit cannot be summarised in a few words but I will mention the highlights of my stay.

The immense support from the business team has been fantastic. They have worked so hard from organising to reminders, one to ones, as well as telling offs.

I have been so thrilled about the management within the Unit and their conscientious effort in organising tailored courses to suit each business and help us grow.

The reduced cost of office facilities has assisted the business to grow in staff strength allowing us reach our business goals.

The Unit has over the year provided free mentoring for my business which has been very inspiring and goals and challenges have been achieved through these sessions.

Being surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs has been great. The wealth of experience gained over the year by courses organised within the Unit and various activities I have had the opportunity to be part of is unforgettable.

Our business has definitely grown over the year and I was also able to receive a European award in November 2007 that was awesome!

I will truly miss being in the Unit.

Dave Frazier & Mark Skinner, VR3 Media

The business mentor sessions have helped us get focused on a number of aspects such as time management, targets and finance. Having people from a number of different backgrounds also setting up new businesses is helpful.

Adam Woodhall, People Profit Planet

I really enjoy the support network and the inspiration of the other businesses in the Unit.